Horny Older Male

Hey there! We’ve got a hot older male sucking off this younger guy’s dick in this latest update. The horny older guy found himself a new toy to fuck around with and we can’t wait to try out some fresh meat. This guy is a bit younger than him and it wasn’t too hard to figure out that he’s into dudes so he gave it a try and got lucky. In case you want to see more older guys fucking visit older4me.us to see their gay sex scenes. Our hot older guy found this one working at a service next to his house. He went in there to fix something at his car and end up taking the mechanic with him home as well. The guy insisted that he goes with him home to see if he fixed the problem but once they were in the car he started getting more and more obvious why he was actually there.

Once they got there all he needed was an invite upstairs. He really wanted to try out his hot client and the hot older guy made his happy. Once they got upstairs, the old guy was the first one that made a move and in no time he already had the young guy’s dick in his mouth. You can see it all in the gallery below and don’t forget to get back for more hotoldermale updates. There are a few surprises waiting for you guys in the next few days so stay close!

horny older male

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Brad Kalvo and Victor West

In this hot older male scene, you will get to see this older sexy hunk sucking a nice and fat cock while he jerks off in front of our cameras. We are glad to see you again and we do hope that you’ve liked all of our videos until now. This is the perfect place for you is you want to see two guys fucking hardcore for your pleasure. Today’s guys are the type that really loves to take their time before a fuck and you’ll see how much they enjoy playing with on another. This guy is not only good at fucking but he also has some awesome oral skills, as you will see in just a few more minutes. Do make sure that you are comfortable and that you have enough time to enjoy this brand new update that we have here only for your pleasuring view. We invite you to see and to enjoy how this sexy and hot older guy blowing some fresh meat.

Soon you will see these two hotoldermale guys taking off their clothes. They are going to fuck one another hard and quick until loads of cum will flow from their cocks all over the place and we are sure that you’ll like this kind of scene. Both of them are going to receive an awesome oral, so make sure to watch until the end and do not miss any scene! See you all soon for our last update of the week.  Bye bye!


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Max Sargent Fucks Alessio Romero

Hi there,  and welcome back to another hot to the boot hotoldermale scene and for today you are gong to see Max and Alessio in this brand new update that we have for you. You know that here all your dreams come true and be sure that this video is not going to disappoint you at all. As you will see these two guys really love to work out so trust us when we tell you that you have what to admire. They are old friends and decided to take things to another level. And this is their debut!  Do make sure that you will take your time wit this video because lots of hot scenes are going to await you. So take a seat and watch these older dudes blowing one another! 

As our cameras start to roll you get to enjoy these two taking their time with for playing and making their cocks all hard and nice for a good oral session. It’s their first time trying this but no worries. They are going to make your blood boil, you will see. Just watch how this sexy guys knees in front of his companion and first puts his big hands to work. After that those juicy lips are going to slowly suck his companion big and hard cock. Take a very good look at his skills and we are sure that you’ll want more! See you all!


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Hot Older Male – Dean and Josh

Hello and welcome back! In this hot older male update, we are going to enjoy how Dean is sucking his dad’s best friend cock in his backyard and all that they can hope is that they are not getting caught. This Josh, his dad’s friend is very happy that he is going to fuck a younger dude because he always wants to try some fresh meat and this is the perfect opportunity for him. You will see that his skills are awesome and that he really knows what he is doing and Dean is very lucky to be fucked by Josh. Take your time and be sure to watch this brand new video until the end if you want to see the grand finale and if these two get caught. See this hunks blowing an older male and we are sure that you’ll want to see more of this naughty pair.

Our hotoldermale guys are the best as you all already know this until now. So, for now, we hope that you are going to enjoy seeing this young guy getting on his knee and starting licking his companion balls, working his way up to his big fat cock that is going to get all inside his dirty mouth. He really loves the moanings from his companion and that makes him only wanting to show off more. If you want to see more be sure to watch until the end. Stay tuned! See you all!


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Hot Older Male – Shower Buddies

Good day, and welcome to another hot update from hot older male. We decided to bring in front of you all another amazing hot scene. These two guys are lovers for a very long time so it is not their first time posing in this kind of situation in front of a camera. As you will see these two are smoking hot and they are going to spend all day fucking each other hardcore in the shower! Yes, you heard right! They are going to get all naughty and kinky while showering and we are sure that some soap and many moanings are going to be involved too. For now, we invite you to make yourself comfortable and to make sure that you see these older guys banging one another! 

Another fresh day is here and you will be enjoying another hotoldermale video that is going to make your day better. As the cameras start rolling you will see these two directly into action because they were very eager to fuck and kind of naughty.  They are going to spend all day pleasing one another and you will see how deep these two likes to feel their cocks. And be sure that some oral action is going to be also involved! Don’t miss this video and be sure to check our site again for more. Stay tuned and see you all very soon with more hot scenes! Bye bye to you all!


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Allen Silver and Ale Tedesco

Hotoldermale is back and we did not come empty handed. We are back with another hot and great update for you guys to enjoy and we are sure that you’re going to love this brand new video that we have prepared for you all! For today we want to bring in front of you a pair that is going to remain in your fantasies for a very long time.  They are not only old friends but these two also work together. The attraction between them is something like you’ve never seen before and you will see that in just a few more minutes. We invite you to take a sit and to make yourself comfortable and enjoy seeing these two hot naughty men taking their time pleasing one another in front of our cameras!

As our cameras start to roll you will see that the older guy is on his knee and he starts by sucking that big fat cock that’s in front of him, while his companion put his hand on his head and shove his dick more deep inside his throat. He really can suck it deep throat and for that, he is going to be rewarded. He bends over a couch and lets his younger companion fuck him hardcore in that sweet ass. He loves to feel it deep inside his ass and this is what he is going to get tonight. See you all soon with more naughty scenes. Bye!


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Hot Older Male – Big Dick Daddy Club

Welcome back to hot older male brand new update and we invite you to see what a wonderful surprise we had prepared for you in this beautiful evening. We are sure that once you see this video you are going to want more of these hunks. You are invited today to enjoy these three pervy and hot guys that are going to make the best of their reunion.  This is going to be an amazingly hot show, so be sure not to miss it. Just click on that play button on the screen and make sure that you watch until the end. Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want to miss anything from this video. For now, make yourself comfortable and see these older hunks stuffing their holes! 

Let’s sit back and enjoy this hotoldermale show and we invite you to see one of the hottest scenes that you’ve ever seen in your life. These sexy and hot men are here to please all your dirty minds and we are sure that they are going to succeed. Don’t be fooled because they are a little older because as you all know the older you get, the more you know to do. Today you’ll see these guys taking turns in fucking and being double penetrated. Take your time with this video and we assure you that they skills are going to impress you. See you all soon with a brand new update. Bye



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Hot Older Male – Alessio Romero

Hi! Welcome for the last video of the week from hot older male gay porn. We hope that you all enjoyed our video for this week and be sure that our next updates are going to be even better. Next week we will be back with some more amazing videos and naughty hunks that are going to make all they can just for you to enjoy yourself. Don’t be sad, because we will be back in very short time and with a lot more surprises for you guys. If you haven’t seen all of our videos for this week, please scroll down the page and take your time to enjoy them. We are sure that you are going to find something to your liking because our boys did everything in their powers to please you and to make your day better and we are sure that they’ve succeded many times. Aldo, if you have a favorite be sure to check our site again because they are going to be back! But for now, let’s sit back and enjoy another hot to the boot video where you can see this guy getting an amazing blowjob. 

In this hotoldermale you are going to see these two naughty black guys that are going to make your blood boil and we are sure that you’ll want to see more scenes with them next week. All you have to do is to stay tuned and don’t forget to check our site. Good night!



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Scott Reynolds and Shay Michaels

Hello and welcome back to another hotoldermale galleries and we are that you are going to love our video for today. You know that you are in the right place if you want to see some naughty and kinky older man getting to play with each other in front of our cameras and only for your entertainment.  These two guys for today are really horny and ready to fuck. As you will see they also prepared something nice for you, deciding that their scene is going to take place by the pool. Just be sure to take your time with our new update and we assure you that you are going to absolutely adore these scenes. Let’s check out these older males slamming their asses. 

You don’t want to miss these two naughty men fucking hardcore each other for today! This oldermale video is going to make your blood boil, just wait for it. We invite you to sit back and to enjoy how this older guy starts by fucking his younger companion. Aas our cameras will start rolling you get to see mister Scott fucking hardcore that tight ass of Michaels and how much he enjoys it! Be sure not to miss a second of this video or you are going to b sorry.  Do take your time to see this update until the end because these two have a little surprise by the end of the video. By!


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Allen Silver and Scott Reynolds

Hello and welcome back! We are back with another hot older male update that we hope is going to be to your pleasing. In this brand new scene, you will get to enjoy seeing an older man fucking a young tight ass. This older guy knows what a good fuck means and he is going to teach this younger one how a hard and good cock feels inside his ass. He is going to fuck that young ass until he will blow his load all over that sculpted body of his companion. These two are going to have a great evening and we hope that you will make time to see this scene until the end because you are not going to regret it. See these older guys fucking one another and how much they enjoy it!

You will get to enjoy hotoldermale guys having the best time of their life today and we are sure that you all are going to be kind of envious of their skills. They don’t play around and they know how they like it. So, as our cameras start rolling you’ll see these two already in action and getting ready for a very hardcore fucking. One of them is laying on his back while his ass is filled with his companion big and hard cock. See him jerking off while his friend fucks his ass. Stay tuned for more and see you all soon! Bye bye!


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